Welcome to The Bibleland!

Welcome to the country of contrasts; sacred and secular, small and great, black and white but multicolored; A country where a modern road follows an ancient path that was paved by biblical patriarchs.

From the modern city of Tel Aviv, that was named after a book full of dreams to the ancient city of Jerusalem that carries the same name for thousands of years; from the snowing north to the flourishing desert in the south; this is our dream land.

Israel is a legend that becomes reality in front of our astounded eyes. Enjoy this country, love it and pray with it. It is yours to absorb in all senses. Old people will feel here the embrace of history and young – the joy of life. Journey through Israel's geography, archaeology and history and it will take you to your own past, present and even your future.

Together with Christian communities all over the world, we sustain a mutual project to support modern Israel and the Bibleland. Join us, together with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem to support and nurture the Largess Project.

I wish you a fulfilling experience that will last with you forever.